The 3-MONTH TRADING PROGRAMME is prepared for those who wish to become a professional trader, start their career and manage funds in the future.

During the training you will learn HOW TO TRADE DIFFERENT ASSET CLASSES such as FOREX, INDICES, main COMMODITIES and FIXED INCOME. A deep understanding of FUNDAMENTAL & TECHNICAL ANALYSIS will be provided.  Based on futures contracts and CFDs you will practise institutional trading strategies. 

Depend on your experience we are meeting online for 4 to 6 days. After that, you will receive 3-month (weekly) online support.

It is worth noting that the training has been provided to a capital management firm in the City, where traders where trained how to manage funds and offered money to trade with. Many of them started a professional career working for a prop trading firms or they manage their own funds. One of our trainees took the opportunities to work for a Chinese fixed income hedge fund. Another started as a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs. One more has been employed in the middle-office by a London based hedge fund. In our opinion those good stories should be shared.

In other words if you consider joining the professional environment of traders, please book a free consultation so we can discuss the details.

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