The 6-MONTH TRAINING PROGRAM is prepared for those who wish to manage funds and be approved by an asset management firm – mean, operate legally as a fund manager. THIS IS A VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY.

During the training, you will learn how to manage different asset classes such as currencies, commodities, indices and fixed income. We will introduce an institutional way of trading including trading futures and CFDs.

When you pass our probation test you will be entitled to $100 000 live trading account* and the process of approving you as a fund manager will begin.

Let us introduce an example. In the financial industry, in London, to be approved as a fund manager you need at least six months of a proven track record with $50k account – this is what we provide. Normally, before getting approved an asset management company will charge you between £3500 to £5000 fee for a background check and to become an Appointed Representative (AR) will cost you between £2500 – £3500 monthly. In other words, working on your own in order to obtain the AR license may cost you around £30k annually – at least.

This is where we step in. For £18 900 (one-off fee) we can offer you funds to trade with, background checking and approval – once you meet the trading and risk parameters requirement, by an asset management company, so you can legally operate as a fund manager.

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* Terms & Conditions Apply.

A fund manager

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