Elliott Wave Analysis 04/04/2017

Our view of the EURUSD remains bearish, although we have adjusted the count since our last post.  The current three wave rally that started at 1.0347 should complete soon and signals the continuation of the downwards trend.  Wave (3) should travel around 1.618 the distance of wave (1), which assuming a wave C peak of 1.0892 would place the target in the region of 0.9340.

The triangle that is currently unfolding is near completion.  The wave (5) should finish in the region of 1.19828, at the lowest level since May 1895.  The pair may continue to descend, which may suggest the next objective is the all-time low of 1.0345.

Risk Warning: Transactions in Contracts for Difference and Foreign Currency are leveraged products that can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. These products may not be suitable for everyone. Please seek advice if you do not fully understand the risks.

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