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Elliott Wave Analysis 05/05/2017

GBP/USD The triangle forming over the previous 6 months has finally been broken. The move to the upside goes against our analysis from last month, which suggested that the triangle would form wave (4) and break to the down side. However, our outlook for GBPUSD remains bearish. The latest move suggests that the triangle forms […]

Elliott Wave Analysis 04/04/2017

EUR/USD Our view of the EURUSD remains bearish, although we have adjusted the count since our last post.  The current three wave rally that started at 1.0347 should complete soon and signals the continuation of the downwards trend.  Wave (3) should travel around 1.618 the distance of wave (1), which assuming a wave C peak […]

Elliott Wave Analysis 11/01/2017

EUR/USD EUR/USD broke to the down side of a 2 year triangle in December, which has lead to a 14 year low for the pair.  The downwards trend is now in the third wave of the pattern, which should see the pair travel a similar distance to the first wave, bringing it to parity.  However, […]

Elliott Wave Analysis 09/12/2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD is now in a down trend, having finished a Primary wave B. The pair broke to the down side of a 2 year triangle on the news of Donald Trump’s surprise win of the U.S. presidential election. It is now starting a Primary C wave, which should eventually move the euro below […]

Elliott Wave Analysis 19/10/2015

EUR/USD The EUR/USD decline has completely erased its rally from March.  Assuming wave ((c)) meets the even the minimum proportionality to ((a)), we should see the pair continue to decline and move significantly below parity.   GBP/USD Cable is trading at its lowest levels since June and the decline looks set to continue with a […]