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Fresh Start of London-Trader

Hello, We would like to invite everyone interested in Forex Trading on our new website. Our team of webmasters have been working really hard in last months to show you what we offer… London-Trader’s Team www.london-trader.com


Receive a cutting-edge insight to investing trend reversal strategies Arek Okrasa makes investment decisions by combining technical analysis with fundamental news. However, some rare price action patterns precede the latter. Their recognition allows the infromed investor to enter the financial market before the crowd gets in. Whilst knowledge is the key to successful investment, the […]

The International Traders EXPO

Increase your trading probability by combining technical analysis with fundamental news. During this session you will have the chance to enhance your trading knowledge by learning how ecomonic and financial events work together with technical analysis. Be prepared for a range of examples, from: government decisions, central bank interventions, bond auctions, or key words such […]