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London-Trader is the UK`s leading specialist in 1-on-1 Financial Markets Trading Programmes. Based on futures contracts and CFDs the focus is on trading different asset classes such as forex, indices, fixed income and main commodities. Our training is addressed to those who are looking to start their career in the financial sector; become a professional trader and manage funds in the future. Having this aim in mind we provide a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 personalised trading programmes. Meantime you are learning you can join us in a social trading platform or we can introduce you to investment strategies provided by a Swiss regulated capital management firm.

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A fund manager with over 20 years of combined investment and trading experience. His first investments go back to 1996; since then he has managed a mutual fund and a live trading floor for a prop trading company in the City of London. Arek is currently managing funds and training others worldwide to trade the financial markets.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

I found the trading programme unbelievably informative. It was delivered in way which made it easier to understand from a beginners point of view; starting with the fundamental analysis. Going through bonds, interest rates, inflation etc. gave me a really good understanding of how announcements from central banks and other big names can effect the markets (…)
The training has been a great help and has brought me closer to following my ambition of being a professional trader. So thank you very much for that!
Will Griffin
Forex Trader at ForeX Masters UK
Arek was my mentor during my training for the Financial Trader Programme. I have no regrets and only good things to say regarding my experience with Arek. I am came into the programme knowing very little, however Arek was able to teach me the key points, facts and strategies to implement into my trading career very well. The experience I received on the trading floor was more than what I could ask for; fellow traders are more than glad to help answer any questions. I recommend this course to anyone, regardless of previous experience if you are determined to begin trading like a professional, sign up to this programme, under Arek’s guidance you will develop your trading skills and confidence effectively.
Fernando Lopez
trainee trader at LDN-CAPITAL
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