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At London-Trader our focus is to build you as a successful trader. This is why in our TRADING PROGRAM we offer a professional online support and funds to trade with*.

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What people are saying about LONDON-TRADER

Arek became my mentor in May 2014 and taught me all the skills needed to become successful. I found Arek to be very humble and polite person, his experience and skills are invaluable on the trading floor. His course provides thorough understanding of the markets in a very methodical approach. Not only does he help you with strategies he will also help to you grow as Trader, even to this day Arek is providing me with support and advice. I could not think of a better mentor. Truly grateful

Towhidul Islam
Towhidul IslamTrader | BEng | Engineer | Analyst | Financial Market | Financial Service

Hey Arek, how’s it going, just wanted to let you know that was some very useful info I learned in your course last week, I got some new shiny tools for my trading tool box!! Haha,

I started trading the company account Monday and I’m up 23%, on that and also my personal account, I made around 460 pips on this too (…)

What I also like about the program, you didn’t come out with the usual crap these fx guys come out with!! “I’ll HELP YOU TURN 5K IN TO 2.6MILLION IN 3WKS!!!!” Or something like that!!  I don’t really remember u talking about cash just points, but what you did teach me, was to make informed market decisions, based on current fundamental analysis, and events, then use it with the technical (…)  By the way Arek I miscalculated it was 670 pips between company and personal Acc,

Richard Davidson
Richard DavidsonDirector of R.D CNC Services

The trading course delivered by Arek Okrasa is a very comprehensive course, which is meant to build up your skills in order to become a professional financial trader.

I have started his course three months ago and I can guarantee its effectiveness as at the moment I am successfully trading for a prop trading company. The course was structured in the following way: firstly, Arek taught us the fundamentals that move the foreign exchange market and how to interpret them in order to generate trading ideas. After we studied the fundamentals, the course contained all the important aspects of technical analysis, and eventually 7 trading strategies has been covered in details.

I have full confidence in Arek’s course and I recommend it to everyone interested in joining this industry. Arek’s personality and knowledge makes him the best teacher and mentor that a person can have when starting in this industry.

Mihai Vlad Faur
Mihai Vlad FaurInvestment Management student looking for graduate opportunities in the financial industry

Arek became my mentor for the hidden talents programme around three months ago. His knowledge of the Forex market is endless and he is able to deliver his experience to candidates on the trading floor very effectively. I was fortunate enough to be part of the hidden talents programme and learn from one of the best traders I may ever come to know. Arek is a very humble and mild -mannered person, allowing him to be a great teacher; traders under his wing have made great starts to their careers as successful market traders. After receiving training from the programme, I am now a full-time trader for Audacity Capital. I have currently been trading under two months and am now profitable of 77% on my account portfolio. My success is driven by the outstanding training I received from Arek.

Dhilshan Sandanarajah
Dhilshan SandanarajahJunior Trader at AudaCity Capital Management

I found the course unbelievably informative. It was delivered in way which made it easier to understand from a beginners point of view; starting with the fundamental analysis. Going through bonds, interest rates, inflation etc. gave me a really good understanding of how announcements from central banks and other big names can effect the markets (…)

The course has been a great help and has brought me closer to following my ambition of being a professional trader. So thank you very much for that!

Will Griffin
Will GriffinForex Trader at ForeX Masters UK

Arek was my mentor during my training for the Lifestyle Trading Programme. I have no regrets and only good things to say regarding my experience with Arek.

I am came into the programme knowing very little , however Arek was able to teach me the key points,facts and strategies to implement into my trading career very well. The experience i received on the floor was more than what I could ask for; fellow traders are more than glad to help answer any questions.

I recommend this course to anyone, regardless of previous experience if you are determined to begin trading like a professional, sign up to this programme, under Arek’s guidance you will develop your trading skills and confidence effectively.

Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopeztrainee trader at LDN-CAPITAL

Arek Okrasa, Founder of The Stock Exchange and Trading Club at LMBS University and now a private FX London Trader is a very talented and accomplished individual. I have worked with Arek not only at LMBS but he has also provided a guest speech at Queen Mary University which was received very well by all students.

Arek portrays his trading strategies and investment opportunities by combining fundamental and technical analysis, delivery this in an easy to understand process. It was a pleasure to work with Arek and wish him all the best in his personal endeavours and future trading success.

Tomasz K Mlynowski
Tomasz K MlynowskiQUMMIF Fund Manager

I met Arek while studying at London Metropolitan Business School. He’s got a great personality and is passionate about investing and trading. He also has a great knowledge of investment in general and currency trading and technical analysis in particular. I took part in his Currency Trading Club sessions and found it engaging and insightful.

Chris WilkowskiDirector at LeightonBrown Ltd.