One of the best ways to develop your trading knowledge is to learn with others. Join one of our programmes and enjoy the team work - benefit from our and other traders support.


If you are just starting off or you are a profitable trader we have an angel to build your career path. Book your free (online) consultation and see how you can benefit from our two decades of experience.

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Arek Okrasa — Founder & CEO - London-Trader.com

Under recent environment putting your money at work can be more important than ever. Understanding our clients need we can introduce you to investment strategies offered by a Swiss regulated capital management firm.

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If you are a professional trader you can join our social trading platform and build your community. On another hand, if you are a beginner you can get engaged as an investor and have the opportunity to make profit by following profitable traders. 

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Nowadays, majority of trading “gurus”, at least in the U.K. offer education programmes based on MT4/CFDs or they teach a fraction of their strategies and ask you to follow them. In our opinion this is the wrong doing and it leads you nowhere.

At London-Trader we build our programmes based on experience from a prop trading house and a capital management firm. Our institutional trading programmes have built in a career model including a fund management umbrella – rarely offered by anyone.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Arek became my mentor in May 2014 and taught me all the skills needed to become successful. I found Arek to be very humble and polite person, his experience and skills are invaluable on the trading floor. His programme provides thorough understanding of the markets in a very methodical approach. Not only does he help you with strategies he will also help to you grow as a Trader, even to this day Arek is providing me with support and advice. I could not think of a better mentor. Truly grateful.
Towhidul Islam
Trader | BEng | Engineer | Analyst | Financial Market | Financial Service
Hey Arek, how’s it going, just wanted to let you know that was some very useful info I learned in your programme last week, I got some new shiny tools for my trading tool box!! Haha, I started trading the company account Monday and I’m up 23%, on that and also my personal account, I made around 460 pips on this too (…) What I also like about the programme, you didn’t come out with the usual crap these fx guys come out with!! “I’ll HELP YOU TURN 5K IN TO 2.6MILLION IN 3WKS!!!!” Or something like that!! I don’t really remember u talking about cash just points, but what you did teach me, was to make informed market decisions, based on current fundamental analysis, and events, then use it with the technical (…) By the way Arek I miscalculated it was 670 pips between company and personal Acc,
Richard Davidson
Director of R.D CNC Services
The trading programme delivered by Arek Okrasa is a very comprehensive course, which is meant to build up your skills in order to become a professional financial trader. I have started his course three months ago and I can guarantee its effectiveness as at the moment I am successfully trading for a prop trading company. The course was structured in the following way: firstly, Arek taught us the fundamentals that move the foreign exchange market and how to interpret them in order to generate trading ideas. After we studied the fundamentals, the course contained all the important aspects of technical analysis, and eventually 3 trading strategies has been covered in details. I have full confidence in Arek’s training and I recommend it to everyone interested in joining this industry. Arek’s personality and knowledge makes him the best teacher and mentor that a person can have when starting in this industry.
Mihai Vlad Faur
Investment Management student looking for graduate opportunities in the financial industry
Arek became my mentor for the hidden talents programme around three months ago. His knowledge of the Forex market is endless and he is able to deliver his experience to candidates on the trading floor very effectively. I was fortunate enough to be part of the hidden talents programme and learn from one of the best traders I may ever come to know. Arek is a very humble and mild -mannered person, allowing him to be a great teacher; traders under his wing have made great starts to their careers as successful market traders. After receiving training from the programme, I am now a full-time trader for Audacity Capital. I have currently been trading under two months and am now profitable of 77% on my account portfolio. My success is driven by the outstanding training I received from Arek.
Dhilshan Sandanarajah
Junior Trader at AudaCity Capital Management
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